A lot of people have been dreaming of living in New York City. In fact, just getting a chance to visit it once in your lifetime is already a dream come true. Skyscrapers, luxurious brands, glitz and glamor that you cannot find elsewhere, this city has an allure that never dies. It even boasts of opportunities that you cannot find elsewhere. If you have the courage, the confidence, and the perseverance, in this city that never sleeps, your dreams are almost within your reach.

But everything comes with a price, and in New York City, it is a hefty one. Every move here has to be compensated with money. Considering the standards of living in this place, it is known as one of the most expensive cities in the world. This is why it is a little bit overwhelming coming here especially if you are brought up in a little town. You need to have a bags of tricks with you to survive this city.

I, myself came from Tennessee. Although I managed to land a scholarship at one of the popular Ivy League Schools, it took several months before I was able to pull my self together in New York City. Admittedly, living here is convenient – you don’t really feel alone because there are people everywhere; the stores are accessible and sell everything you’ll ever need; everything I instant including your laundry; and the pay is pretty high! But without the proper strategy and game plan, not only would you land yourself homeless within a couple of months, there’s also a chance that you’d go broke in no time.

Prices of commodities and services are the primary challenge in this city. They could be compounded several times compared to those of other cities in the USA. As such, it is important to live within a budget.

I started small, going grocery shopping every two weeks to buy the basic necessities I am going to need until the next paycheck. I bought everything that will not allow me to run to the more expensive convenience store around the corner of my flat. Toiletries, snacks, laundry materials, home cleaning stuff – name it, I covered it all. I also began learning how to cook and prepare my own meals. I realized that a large portion of my salary earnings go to food and eating out several times a day is not helping my savings.

I was lucky to be the recipient of my old baseball teammate’s flat when he decided to move back to his home country. I was initially planning to contact a reputable realtor to see the available choice of motivated seller leads real estate when this property was presented to me. I was saved from the hell of apartment hunting which is more of a blood sport on this side of United States. Since I don’t have any girlfriend or family members living with me, I have an extra room. I decided to rent it out cut off some portion of the lease.

I also learned how to embrace free entertainment. New York City is such a great city with so many amazing views to see. I learned how to appreciate the parks, the free concerts, and the free museums. I enjoyed sightseeing and just walking around without spending a dime. Of course, I still set aside some money for a cheat day. But I only do this once every two weeks, or twice if there is an important event I should celebrate. More than that, I just enjoyed free riding most of the time. Since it is also practical not to have a car in NYC, I was also able to save by going to and from my destination by riding carpooling, riding a bus, a train, or just by being on foot. For added income, you could also get a part-time job if you have an extra time.

New York City may be a little bit too much to some, but with proper mindset, courage, and determination, you can survive it and come out on top.