Cleaning is probably one of the simplest yet tiring activities you would do inside your home. Living in Albuquerque provides many challenges to keeping your home clean and functional. From always keeping up with your garage door repair or dusting deep behind furniture. There are a lot of modern cleaning tools available in the market today. They aim to help you save more time and effort while eliminating the every dust of dirt inside your house. While they are indeed helpful, there are some things that you can do to minimize the need for cleaning your rooms every now and then. Check them out below:

1.) Put doormats in every door
-This is one of the most basic cleaning hacks that brilliantly work for every home. Make sure that your doormats do not only function as decorations but they work as cleaning tools. You would not want to allow all the dirt outside be a part of your rooms when your visitors step inside.

2.) You may choose not to wear shoes inside
-Imagine the time and effort you can save when you entirely prohibit the use of shoes or slippers inside your home. You can actually ensure that no foreign bacteria or organism can enter your house as their carriers (mainly the shoes or slippers) would be left outside your door. This is very helpful in keeping all the dirt and dust outside your home.

3.) Clean your cooking tools right after use
-Most mothers are guilty of making the dishes wait as they prepare the family dinner. They would let all the plates, casseroles, pans, glasses, spatulas, bowls, etc., all piled until they finish cooking. Instead of doing this, you may opt to clean them as you go. Clean your kitchen top and counters in the middle of every cutting session. This would save you a lot of workload. And it would be more pleasant to the eyes.

4.) Disregard your window screens
-Window screens may trap dust and dirt from the outside. If you would not like your windows be open, then do not consider putting window screens at all. They would just gather all unwanted dirt from the surrounding. You may remove them permanently to avoid accumulated dust and dirt.

5.) Use sponge to clean your sink
-Keeping a sponge near your sink is helpful in saving you time and effort when hair strands, droplets of toothpaste or puddles of water got stranded around the sink. All you have to do is to wipe the sponge and it will do its job.

These hacks may be too simple but they are definitely helpful in maintain the cleanliness inside your home longer. You do not need to spend more time and effort in cleaning your home when you prevent dirt from accumulating in the first place. Aside from their simplicity, these cleaning tricks are really effective in every home. Try doing this and enjoy a more pleasant and more relaxing house without getting tired at all.